Wheel Alignment

JDM P/L perform wheel alignments for cars, four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles up to 6,000 kg. This service takes us approximately 45 minutes.

Symptoms of a car that require a wheel alignment

Signs that your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment can include

  • Pulling to one side when driving in a straight line
  • Vibration when driving at a high speed
  • Bad tyre wear such as scalloping or inside/outside edge wear on the tyre
  • Pulling left or right on the brakes
  • Instability when turning corners (this can involve a sense of inertia that is inappropriate given the driving conditions)

How much does a wheel alignment cost?

At the time of writing

Cars & small vehicles


Four Wheel Drives


Light Trucks

$150 – $300 depending on what is required

How are wheel alignments conducted?

When performing a wheel alignment, we utilise a Total Drive Rav (made by a company called Ravaglioli) wheel alignment system. This digitally controlled device has four heads that are clamped onto each wheel. The laser provides us with camber and caster as well as toe figure data. This creates a perfect connection and allows for precision alignments.

At the time of appointment, we use a safe-t-stop device to determine if a vehicle is toeing in or toeing out. From this information, we can recommend to our clients to do a wheel alignment.

You can also learn more about how we test suspension here.

Types of adjustments

The type of alignment will depend on the particular vehicle.

Toe adjustable: This will apply to most cars. The wheels can only be adjusted from pointing in and pointing out.

Camber and caster adjustable: For these vehicles the wheels are fully adjustable. Negative camber values will give the driver better handling and performance. Caster values will improve road stability at high speed but will require more steering force. The optimum values for both will depend on the individual vehicle.

What are the benefits of getting a wheel alignment?

Fuel economy: A wheel alignment will give you a centre point for your vehicle to ensure you can have precision handling with the minimum possible fuel usage.

Tyre health: A wheel alignment optimises the tyre’s scrub radius and minimise load to improve tyre life. This will guarantee that tyre wear will be even and prevent them from becoming worn prematurely.

How often should I get my wheels aligned?

Generally speaking, every 6 months or so. If your vehicle tends to be driven in busy city shopping centres and over speed bumps regularly, then this may need to be done more often. Similarly, four-wheel drives that are driven in different terrains regularly will need frequent wheel alignments.

Wheel alignments should also be conducted if multiple tyres get replaced. John Dale Motors do perform this service when new tyres are purchased from us. If a single tyre if purchased and replaced (e.g. due to a puncture) no wheel alignment is required.

What extra information do you need?

Knowing the general uses of the vehicle (such as off-road driving, regular towing, etc.) will help us with adjusting the specifications for your alignment. That way we can optimise the alignment to keep you on the road (and having fun!) for longer.