Wheel Bearing Replacement

What is a wheel bearing?

is part of the wheel hub, a set of lubricated steel balls that work together in a metal ring (referred to as race) to ensure smooth rotation of the wheels.

Most vehicles have four wheel bearings and they are a critical part of the vehicle, it is essential that drivers are aware of any warning signs that may indicate wear and tear or that the bearings need replacing.

Driving on worn wheel bearings can be a safety issue.

How much does it cost to replace wheel bearing(s)?

Approximately $280.00 to replace each wheel bearing on a front-wheel-drive car; however, most vehicles usually only need one or two replaced.

It is unusual to replace all four simultaneously.

On average, how long do wheel bearings last?

For a front-wheel-drive car, the average will be around 90,000km. Of course, this will vary depending on other factors.

Symptoms of failing bearings

When a wheel bearing fails, there may be a number of indicators.

New wheel bearings are silver in colour, old or worn wheel bearings will appear a brown/blue colour. This is a result of heat treatment, once the case hardening has released, there will be colouration and excessive movement.

  • There can be unusual sounds, such as a whirring sound, grating or grinding sounds or any inconsistent sounds coming from the wheel or tyre.
  • Another indicator may be unusual vibrations which are felt through feedback in the steering wheel.
  • You may also feel a softer brake pedal

Drivers may also notice the car is pulling in a different direction to which you are steering it or described as having ‘a mind of its own’.

Process to diagnose/replacing wheel bearings

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  • Removing the hubs
  • Remove the brake caliper
  • Remove the stub axle
  • Place the bearing in the press machine
  • Press the bearing apart
  • Remove old bearing
  • Press the new bearing into place
  • Rebolt the stub axle onto the control arms
  • Scrub and clean the area
  • Quality assurance

Sometimes it is as simple as repacking the grease in a wheel bearing or replacingthe wheel bearing hub seal.

What other parts are commonly replaced?

In most cases, wheel bearings are isolated issues and no other parts require repair.

In some cases, wheel bearings are encased by the wheel hub, so new wheel hub assemblies will be required.