Professional steering & suspension services

John Dale Motors P/L provides professional steering and suspension mechanical services. Our workshop is located at 4 Botham Cl Charmhaven NSW 2263.

We are adept with working on cars, caravans, 4WDs (we specialise in lift kits), trucks and heavy vehicles. Our favourite, however, is old school classics!

We are proficient with new vehicles with electronically controlled suspension. We perform what is referred to as a steering angle sensor recalibration on the computer (ECU).

In our workshop, you’ll see our Safe-T-Stop which is an electronic suspension testing tool. This is a tool that produces precise readings of the brakes, handbrake, breaking balance and wheel alignment/toe status.

Symptoms of faulty steering or suspension

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of the following issues, have a professional mechanic resolve them for you:

  • Brakes feel saggy
  • Excessive forward diving when braking
  • Poor tyre wear (feathering on the inside and/or outside edge or flat spots on tyres)
  • The suspension feels soft or bouncy
  • Knocking, squeaking noises that are inconsistent with the vehicle

Suspension systems explained

The video below outlines a typical suspension system, which is comprised of predominantly a spring, shock or strut, control arm, bushing, joint and bearings.

Steering & suspension check

For an average steering & suspension service, the following items are performed:

  • Check all visual bushings
  • Check shock absorbers for leakage and wear
  • Check for spring sagging
  • Check control arm bushings
  • Check suspension bushings
  • Test drive
  • Safe-t-stop
  • Shock test if necessary

The average suspension check takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Our steering & suspension services

Lift Kits 



We remove old suspension and refit lift kits to cars and other vehicles.

This involves replacing the springs, shocks, bushes, shackles and various other suspension components.

Clients may require a suspension repair, and opt for a lift kit instead of replacing OEM parts.

Lift kits improve suspension travel when tailored to the appropriate road conditions and allow 4WDs better clearance and flexibility.

Wheel bearing replacement

A wheel bearing is a set of lubricated steel balls that work together in a metal ring, referred to as a 'race', they ensure smooth rotation of the wheels.

The wheel bearing is located in the wheel hub and is responsible for transferring rotation into the wheels.

Bearings exhibiting noise or excessive movement may be a sign the wheel bearing is due to be replaced.

Learn more about our wheel bearing replacement services.

Check & repack wheel bearing

In the event your wheel bearings are in good condition we may opt to repack the bearings on specific cars.

This involves cleaning them, regreasing and adjusting the wheel bearings.

When we are disassembling the unit, we can discover discolouration or compromised from heat, we may opt to replace them.

Wheel hub assembly

A wheel hub is located between the brakes and drive axle.

Wheel hubs are the component the wheel bolts onto.

Kinetic energy is passed through the wheel hub, then the bearing and onto the driveshaft of the car.

We repair and replace wheel hub assemblies and ensure we torque them to the vehicle’s specifications.

CV boots

The CV (or constant velocity) joint allows power to be transmitted at varying angles without friction.

In a car, the suspension moves up and down, the wheels move left and right and the axles flex – this is transferred through the CV joint.

CV joints are protected by a ribbed, rubber CV boot. The boot keeps dirt and moisture out of the joint. Over time, these crack and decay.

We can replace these with a new boot.

If the CV joint is noisy or damaged, we may opt to replace the whole CV joint and driveshaft.

Control arm

Control arms transfer the travel from the wheel to the chassis.

We usually replace the control arm with a new unit as this is economically viable.

Shock absorbers

We provide replacements and upgrade shock absorbers.

We replace these with new shock absorber systems.

ABS sensor

The Antilock Braking System sensor is the device which monitors what is happening at the wheels.

ABS sensors detect the speed of the wheel, disparities, if wheels have been lifted off the ground, locking or spinning without traction.

The sensor is connected to the ABS ECU.

The ABS monitors the wheel conditions and actuates the valves to adjust hydraulic pressure to the brakes of the respective wheel to control the car.

We can repair and clean ABS sensors, however, the majority of times we replace them with new parts.

Ball joint

A ball joint is located at the end of the control arm.

A ball joint allows the wheel to turn left or right and pivot up and down at the same time.

Our mechanics test for excessive movement in the joint.

Most of the time, ball joints are irrepairable and we replace them.

Strut assembly

Strut assemblies are often referred to as shock absorbers, however there is a slight difference.

Strut assemblies allow the spring and shock to be connected as one unit.

Strut top mount

A strut top mount is located on top of the strut and spring, which mounts onto the chassis underneath the bonnet or the rear of the vehicle.

The strut mount serves as a mounting point for the strut, shock and springs.

We replace strut mounts with new components.

Tie rod end

The tie rod end is at the end of the steering rack.

The tie rod end actually makes the steering rack mount to the wheel hub.

The tie rod end allows the wheel to turn and pivot with the steering rack simultaneously.

Over time, movement in the tie rod end becomes excessive and should be replaced.

For a comprehensive list of the steering & suspension services we offer, please see below:

  • ABS wheel speed sensor
  • Ball joints
  • Bushes
  • Check & repack wheel bearings
  • Control arms
  • CV boots
  • CV shaft
  • Differential pinion seal
  • Electronic check
  • Front shock absorber
  • Lift kits
  • Link rod
  • Power steering fluid
  • Power steering pump
  • Power steering rack
  • Rear shock absorber
  • Power steering pressure hose
  • Power steering reservoir
  • Springs
  • Strut assembly
  • Strut top mount
  • Tie rod end
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheel hub assembly
  • Wheel studs

Steering & suspension work process

Please use our book online page or phone us.

If we find additional issues with your vehicle, we will contact you to seek authority before performing any out of scope services.

We can raise the car on a hoist for our clients to inspect the area. Alternatively, we will provide photography/video.

We perform the respective service and quality assurance testing.

JDM P/L mechanics will discuss findings with you openly and honestly – with your safety as a priority.