. John Dale Auto and Mechanical Repairs CharmhavenJohn Dale Motors auto and mechanical repair centre at Charmhaven provides a full range of services for all vehicle types. These services are to help ensure prolonged vehicle reliability.  Did you know you’re not required to return your car to the dealer to maintain the manufacture warranty? These services can be performed by any qualified automotive repair specialist and John Dale Motors is here to help. Your new car warranty is important and worth preserving. Check out our range of services below. There are Four sets of services below. Each set contains multiple TABS.  Just click or tap any TAB to view a summary of each service.

John Dale Motors recommends you carry out a full auto maintenance service twice each year. A comprehensive full auto service can include a service and tune up, lubrication for all accessible suspension and steering joints, oil change using quality motor oils for your make and model, filter changes for both air and fuel where applicable with a brake clean and adjustment to ensure your safety. We tailor our full auto maintenance to  suit your needs and then quote accordingly. Why not bundle your services and save. Other items on the list can include Electrical System check of your battery and alternator systems, cooling system inspection and analysis and check air con operation. John Dale Motors then presents you with a full report on your vehicle.

Here at John Dale Motors we encourage vehicle owners to have an Automotive Air Conditioning Service annually. This will maximise the efficiency of your car air con system. However, certain signs or indications will alert you to possible faults in your auto air conditioning system:

  • It takes much longer to cool the interior of your vehicle
  • There is a pungent odour in the air flow
  • A sudden drop in fuel efficiency can occur
  • Your front windscreen remains partially unclear

The air-con system service includes:

  • Testing for leaks
  • Emptying and recharging the gas in the system.
  • Cleaning and Deodorising the entire Air Conditioning

John Dale Motors can provide a comprehensive service and/or repair before further damage can be occur. Call us today for a quote.

As well as providing premium battery services, John Dale Motors provides an  assurance that your vehicle is being attended to by our trained technicians. If it’s the battery in your car that’s failing our diagnostics equipment will pick it up immediately. We check all your battery connections for damage and decay and thoroughly clean your terminals.  Lighting systems are also checked and assessed.  You are notified immediately of any problems we encounter and seek your approval before replacing any parts. Please call or contact us today for more information.

A Brake Service at John Dale Motors auto and mechanical repairs includes a visual inspection of brake system. We inspect your brake pads and/or brake shoes, rotors and/or drums, brake hoses and lines. We check your brake fluid level and the condition of your master cylinder. Your brake system uses friction as a means of controlling your momentum. This action wears down essential components of a braking system. That’s why it’s essential to have your brakes serviced.

Improve on your vehicles’ fuel economy, keep it running for longer and keep your loved ones’ safe! You can prevent big repair bills spoiling your day by paying just a little more attention to vehicle maintenance. We can tailor a  scheduled maintenance package that suits your needs. If you cover great distances in a short amount of time it’s obvious you will need a car service designed to meet those conditions. If you just drive locally on different occasions then we can design a schedule for you as well. Call John Dale Motors auto and mechanical repair centre Charmhaven today.

No matter if you drive an automatic or manual, it’s essential that you keep your transmission running smoothly. Any transmission system (gearbox) needs to be serviced on a regular basis to maintain it’s performance and prolong it’s life. Manual transmissions may be a little less complex but still need fluids replaced/renewed and small adjustments made. The pivotal part of this system is the clutch assembly. In some manual vehicles the clutch can be adjusted.  John Dale Motors has the expertise and the facilities to maintain your transmission system with  routine clutch and transmission checks.

John Dale Motors auto and mechanical repair specialists services all makes of vehicle diesel engines. We specialise in:

  • Diesel engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Diesel injection & pump reconditioning
  • Diesel performance chips & exhausts
  • Heavy vehicle safety inspections
  • Diesel servicing & repairs

Call and talk to us about your needs and we’ll be happy to go through what we provide as qualified trades technicians.

It’s not always the case that you need to carry out an engine replacement. If it’s possible to rebuild and repair an engine that’s where John Dale Motors at Charmhaven will begin.  A diagnosis of any problem will be carried out prior to commencing any work. Before we would even recommend rebuilding an engine or finding one in the classified advertisements, we have a source for the parts needed for any repair and then give you the choice. Not only saving you money but also ensuring you have your car back on the road in the shortest amount of time. The technicians in our auto and mechanical repairs centre want to have you up and running as soon as they can.

There could be many reasons why you would choose  the option of an engine replacement over making expensive repairs. You might simply want to replace an engine in an older car due to cost analysis over repairing it. Others might want some extra power under the bonnet.  It would definitely make an older car more reliable definitely less expensive than the alternative – that purchasing a new vehicle. No matter what you decide John Dale Motors are experienced Engine Replacement Specialists and ready to help you in obtaining the best possible outcome according to your needs. Call in or phone us today on (02)4392 1327 for more information.

An emissions  system check at John Dale Motors keeps the engine running cleanly and effectively under a variety of operating conditions. If your vehicle’s engine isn’t running efficiently or the “Check Engine” light remains on, have it inspected as soon as possible. Failure to do so can reduce your vehicles fuel efficiency and/or add considerable pollution to our atmosphere. Your car’s exhaust system manages any discharge of exhaust gases and toxins utilising an array of sensors, digital engine controls along the exhaust system. The emission system significantly reduces hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide gas (CO), unprocessed hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrous oxide (NOx), and prevents unsafe vapors from escaping at their source. The exhaust system can be degraded by:

  • Operating conditions (hot or cold)
  • Total distance travelled
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Type of spark plug used
  • Insufficient service history
  • Poor spark
  • Fuel condition
  • Sensors that are worn or damaged

Call us today to book your Emissions Systems check (02) 4392 1327

John Dale Motors can design a fleet maintenance and management program that will help you reduce costs.  If you demand efficiency and reliability from your fleet then we can provide a service program designed to deliver on time every time. If you are a private business or government fleet operations manager under pressure to cut costs our fleet maintenance program can help. Outsourcing directly to cut costs is no doubt an attractive offer but there are long-term savings to consider. John Dale Motors will assist in analysing your direct and indirect maintenance costs and tailor a plan designed to suit.

Much the same as your vehicles braking system, your suspension and steering is a key element in your safety system. Both these components control your car’s  handling and the way it rides on the road. We recommend you have your steering and suspension systems checked annually and coupled with a wheel alignment. Your suspension system moves with the steering system helping to control the vehicle. Your suspension system absorbs the vibration caused by potholes and other breaks in the road surface. If components in the steering system are damaged or worn it will affect the steering. Monitoring your steering and suspension system is essential for your safety. The following can affect wear on your steering and suspension:

  • Conditions under which operate your vehicle
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • Type of steering and suspension system
  • Lack of maintenance (lubrication,wheel alignment etc)

Signs that may indicate a problem

  • Steering pulls to the left or right while driving
  • Tyres are wearing on the edges
  • Steering shakes or is “noisy” while cornering
  • Erratic steering

John Dale Motors are specialists when it comes to installing Suspension Kits. Lifting or lowering your suspension has two extremely different sets of benefits. Enhancing your ride height with a lift kit offers your car or truck additional clearance to meet the challenge provided by off-road courses and trails. This will increase your suspension for durable use. Lowering kits, on the other hand, lower your center of gravity and tighten your springs for enhanced steering and traction on hard surfaces. Lifting and lowering kits likewise modify your exterior style – use a lift kit for hard appearances, or drop your vehicle with a lowering kit for a smoother looking style.  Read more about vehicle suspension systems.

When it comes to renewing your registration,  a safety check can be a compulsory requirement. Once you receive a renewal notice, look for ‘inspection required’ on the document.  If present you’ll require a safety check to be carried out by an authorised safety check station such as John Dale Motors.  e-Safety check at John Dale Motors: The process for registration has been streamlined for online submission

  1. We transfer it electronically to Roads and Maritime Services.
  2. You must have purchased a green slip prior to registering any vehicle.
  3. You can Renew your registration online or visit any motor registry.

As an authorised inspection station for the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), John Dale Motors can carry out Light Vehicle, LPG, Motorcycle, Trailer & Heavy Vehicle safety checks and defect clearances. What used to be known as a Pink Slip, it is now called an e-Safety Inspection With the growing trend towards online technologies these are now delivered electronically thus the ‘e’ attached to Safety Inspection. You can find out more about authorised inspections by visiting  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/registration/authorisedinspectors/index.html

blue slip, now called a vehicle identity and safety check, is required under any of the following circumstances –  1. The Roads and Maritime Services cancelled your registration due to non-payment of annual registration within three months of it expiring. 2. If a ‘Notice of intention to cancel’ has been issued to you by the Roads and Maritime Services and you failed to resolve the issues listed 3. There has been a request by the State Debt Recovery Office to cancel your registration due to you not having paid an outstanding fine. If any of the above applies to you then John Dale Motors is authorised to produce a full report for a vehicle identity and safety check.

When registration of a, LPG vehicle is up for renewal it must be inspected by an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (AIS) such as John Dale Motors. We have a technician available who is authorised to examine LPG Gas powered vehicles. A Gas Certificate is also required when re-registering an unregistered vehicle fitted with a gas system of any type. The gas inspection will look at the safety of the installation as well as checking the test date of the cylinder (all gas cylinders must be inspected and re-certified every 10 years). When buying an LPG fuelled vehicle ensure you receive a valid Gas Certificate as part of the transaction. If you fail to do this you will be responsible for the cost of obtaining the certificate as well as any necessary repairs.