Pink Slip

A Vehicle Safety Check (commonly referred to as a pink slip) is a safety check to ensure a vehicle is roadworthy for NSW conditions, this is governed by Australian Design Rules (ADR) regulations.

JDM P/L is an accredited Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (AIS) with the NSW RMS.

We perform pink slip safety checks for

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Caravans
  • Light vehicles under 4.5 tonne

Put simply, pink slips are a recurring check to see if a vehicle complies with safety standards. These checks (and the repairs or servicing that go along with them) create a positive impact on road safety.

Pink slips are required to re-register vehicles when the vehicle is over 5 years old, most people renew their rego on an annual basis. However, people can also pay for 3-6 months of rego.

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How much is a pink slip?

The price for pink slips is mandated by the RMS and the price usually changes on July 1 each year.

Current pricing can be found on the RMS website here.

How long does a rego inspection take?

On average, we perform this safety check in approximately 20 minutes.

When is the best time to get a pink slip?

At the time of writing, NSW pink slips are valid for six months. So you could have your Vehicle Safety Check performs up to six months in advance.

With that said, we usually recommend people obtain their pink slip between 1-3 months before their registration expires.

What is checked during a pink slip inspection?

This inspection revolves around doing a full safety check on the vehicle.

The process requires us to complete mandatory tests and submit documentation electronically to the Roads & Maritime Authority (RMS).

Some of the core checks involve assessing if –

  • The tyres have adequate tread
  • Seat belts are working and undamaged
  • All lights, electronics & horn are operational
  • Physical damage to the body or chassis
  • Doors and locking mechanisms operate
  • Brakes are working at full capacity
  • Check engine for leaks
  • Test suspension
  • Windscreen is not cracked
  • Wipers are operational
  • Speedometer working correctly

What happens if my car fails the pink slip?

In the event your vehicle fails the test, the Technician will contact you to let you know the reasons why.

Cars that fail are issued a failed inspection report. 

This report will highlight all the issues preventing the vehicle from passing. This certification is valid for 14 days. The owner should have their vehicle repaired in this time frame, then return to the original Vehicle Safety Check station to hopefully pass (no added fees).

If the vehicle is not repaired within the 14-day time frame, they will be required to obtain a second Vehicle Safety Check inspection and pay the fee again.

Cars that fail, however, the owner agrees to have repairs carried out & they are completed, are issued a fail, now pass certificate.

You are not obliged to have servicing or repair work carried out at the same Mechanical workshop you’re getting the safety check done.

As an example, JDM P/L is requested to perform Vehicle Safety Check inspections for vehicles and then the vehicle is repaired at other Mechanical workshops.