Brown Slips

JDM P/L is a Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station (HVAIS) for the NSW RMS and we are able to perform brown slips for vehicles over 4.5 tonnes.

Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station RMS Sign

Our process for brown slips

If you have a heavy vehicle and require a brown slip, please phone us on (02) 4392 1327 or use our book online page.

The brown slip process takes our Technicians approximately one hour to complete.

In the event the vehicle fails, a fail slip will be issued. The customer will be provided a list of the items preventing it from passing.

The customer can request us to quote the repairs, or opt to take the vehicle elsewhere.

Obtaining a HVAIS accreditation is a massive process that our Technician, Adam Walters has completed.

When are brown slips required?

Brown slips are very similar in nature to blue slips, the point of difference is that they are for heavy vehicles. They are used to

  • Renew heavy vehicle registration
  • Clear defect notices
  • Adjust vehicle records (i.e. new motor)
  • Establishing registration for interstate vehicles in NSW

Drivers of heavy vehicles do not need to obtain a pink slip annually, nor do they need to obtain a blue slip, they only require a brown slip

How long is a brown slip valid for?

At the time of writing, 42 days.