Blue Slips

JDM P/L is registered with the RMS as an  AUVIS which allows us to perform Safety and Identity Checks (commonly referred to as Blue Slips) to the community.

Blue slips are usually required when

  • A vehicle has been out of rego for more than three months
  • Registering interstate vehicle in NSW
  • If a vehicle has been defected by law enforcement & requires a full inspection
  • Modifying a vehicle beyond its normal specifications
  • Identity changes (i.e. replacing a motor or removing seats)

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Blue slip pricing in NSW

Current pricing can be found on the RMS website here.

How to transport the vehicle if it’s out of rego

Driving a non-roadworthy car is potentially very dangerous, and you have no insurance while driving.

The NSW RMS provides guidelines of when a car can be driven without rego. There must be a booking made with us including all of your details and car details. There are to be no number plates affixed to the vehicle. Please see the NSW RMS’s unregistered vehicles page and follow their suggestions. In summary, a driver must take the most direct route to their nearest Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station with a booking.

It is also possible to obtain a flatbed trailer and tow the vehicle to your nearest AUVIS.

What is checked during a blue slip inspection?

A Safety and Identity Check is extensive in nature, and generally takes more time than a pink slip.

The vehicle safety aspects predominantly involve inspecting –

  • Tyres
  • Seat belts
  • Driving lights
  • Electronics
  • Physical damage to the body
  • Doors and locking mechanisms
  • Braking
  • Suspension
  • Windscreen for cracks
  • Wipers are operational
  • Speedometer working accurately

This part of the testing is similar to a regular pink slip, however, the blue-slip involves thorough checks of the vehicle’s identity, i.e.

  • Engine number
  • Chassis number

How long are blue slips valid for in NSW?

At the time of writing, 28 days.

What happens if the vehicle fails the Safety and Identity Check?

If there are problems with the vehicle and it fails, it will be registered within the RMS system database as a failure.

Similar to the fail process of pink slips, you will have 14 days to complete the repairs necessary, otherwise you will have to pay for a second Safety and Identity Check.