Safety Checks

JDM P/L performs safety checks on all vehicles, namely cars, caravans, light trucks, motorbikes & heavy vehicles. We are accredited with the RMS under multiple categories.

Please book these online or over the phone. We usually perform these within 1-5 business days.

When performing safety checks, we provide an easy to understand inspection report.


Pink Slip

JDM P/L is an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (AIS) with the RMS.

Pink slips are an annual safety inspection required to re-register cars on Australian roads.

Learn more about pink slips.

Blue Slip

JDM P/L is registered under the Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS).

Adam Walters and Brian Cordingley are accredited to perform this.

Blue slips are safety checks used when:

  • Vehicles are 3 months out of rego
  • When bringing cars from other states into NSW to register
  • Clearing vehicles that have been defected
  • Adjusting records after major changes (i.e. new engine)
  • Identity checks

Learn more about blue slips.

Brown slip

JDM P/L is a Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station (HVAIS).

Browns slips are essentially safety inspections for heavy vehicles (over 4.5 tonne).

These are most commonly performed to renew vehicle registration, however, can also be used to

  • Clear defects
  • Adjusting vehicle records
  • Establishing registration for heavy vehicles in NSW

Learn more about brown slips.

Update RMS

All JDM P/L Technicians are all  Authorised Inspectors for the RMS.

We can update vehicle information with the RMS online


JDM P/L is an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (AIS) and we have an authorised LPG examiner.

This mostly occurs when people have their vehicle changed from petrol and/or LPG or bringing an LPG vehicle into NSW for registration.

These inspections are detailed in nature and attract a slightly higher fee.

Our technicians will check the vehicle to ensure it complies with ADR safety standards.

These services revolve around safety aspects of the vehicle, as well as checking VIN numbers and engine numbers.

If the vehicle fails the certification

In the event an inspection fails we will inform the customer of our findings. We usually take photos, or physically show our customers the problems found (listed in the report).

Fails are issued a Repairs Needed report. The process of failing changes, depending on what safety check you are taking.

Click on the specific safety above under “read more”. On those pages, we describe how the fail/pass process works for each safety check.


If a vehicle is issued a fail certificate, the owner is welcome to repair their car elsewhere, this may be useful for people obtaining multiple quotes on the repair, etc.

If you choose JDM P/L to repair your vehicle. We will quote the job, then perform the necessary tasks to restore the vehicle to roadworthy condition.

Once the necessary repairs have been carried out, either by JDM or someone else, there is no additional inspection fee as long as the vehicle is presented within 14 days of the original inspection.