John Dale Motors Pty Ltd performs mechanical repairs for all vehicle types. Our workshop is located at 4 Botham Cl, Charmhaven NSW 2263.

We perform the majority of engine services one would expect from a mechanic, as well as specialising in certain engine services/repairs.

We may find additional mechanical issues that require attention when we are servicing a car. In this event, we phone our client to list their options and seek approval before commencing any work.

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd can also perform repair work for insurance claims.

We stand by our workmanship and provide a warranty on certain repairs. The warranty terms depend on what parts are used and our supplier’s warranty terms. Please talk to our staff if you have any questions regarding the warranty.


Tappet adjustments

Tappets are responsible for the linear motion of a valve and camshaft in a combustion engine.

Over time, tappets wear away and this creates space and added movement in the mechanism.

This can also cause a car to run out of time, run rich, run lean or cause carbon build up in the engine manifold.

We re-adjust these so they do not stay open too long or shut too quickly.

Tappet adjustments are a fairly labour intensive and take over 4 hours to complete.

Tappet adjustments are usually performed on some diesel engines every 30,000 to 40,000 km, depending on what is stipulated in the manufacturer’s logbook.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are the most versatile and economical internal combustion engines.

We provide engine repairs for common diesel cars  (i.e. Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Isuzu etc).

We also provide mechanical repairs for light diesel trucks and 4WDs.

Repairing or servicing a diesel engine will help improve overall performance, fuel economy, responsiveness, power, torque, reliability and engine durability.

Common symptoms of diesel engines requiring repair may be difficulty starting, loss of power, stalling or excessive exhaust smoke.

Starter Motors

The role of a starter motor is to start an engine.

The starter motor uses power from the battery, which is transferred to the solenoid of the starter motor.

The starter motor cranks a flywheel to provide initial kinetic energy to the engine.

After starting, the starter motor will disengage.

We typically replace the starter motor, as they are a disposable item.

On some cars (ie. Volkswagen) we may repair these, though it is very rare.


A distributor is a rotating shaft that is used in vehicles with mechanically-timed ignition.

The role of the distributor is to route current from the ignition coil to the spark plugs and control ignition timing.

The ignition coil usually has between four, six and eight leads, depending on the car.

We replace the distributor with new parts and confirm the engine timing is operating perfectly.

Induction cleaning

We perform induction cleaning for petrol and diesel engines.

As a rule of thumb, diesel engines produce a build-up of soot quicker than petrol engines.

Soot will rapidly clog EGR valves, DPF’s and intake manifolds unless the vehicle is regularly maintained.

A build-up of carbon can result in power loss, poor throttle response, smoke and high fuel consumption.

We can use Penrite P26 which infiltrates, penetrates, dispels water, lubricates moving parts, cures squeaks and creaks and guards metal against corrosion.

Alternatively, we have a BG Platinum™ Fuel Service Set that will breakdown a builder of larger fluid.

In extreme cases, we may remove the manifold from the engine to clean the intake manually.

For a comprehensive list of the engine repair services we offer, please see the list below. 

  • Diesel engines
  • Tappet adjustments
  • Mount repairs
  • Fuel pump
  • Rocker cover gasket
  • Head gasket
  • Oil Cooler Line
  • Oil Pan Sump Gasket
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • Fuel Injector
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Camshaft Seal
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Driveshaft Centre Bearing
  • Oil Filter Housing
  • Fuel Hose
  • Fuel Gauge Sender
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Throttle Body
  • EGR Valve
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Idler Pulley
  • Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Fuel Cap
  • Distributer
  • Distributor O-Ring
  • Speedometer Cable
  • Accelerator Cable
  • Starter Motor
  • Induction Cleaning
  • Accelerator Cable

For services that are not listed below, please browse our core services page or contact us and we’ll see if we can help you.

Vehicle repair process

To book, please phone us on (02) 4392 1327 or use our book online page.

If possible, please describe your mechanical issue to us. With that said, we always perform our own diagnosis of the issue. 

Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle to check for other issues.

Our technicians will confirm what the repair is, then we will quote it and seek the customer’s approval before the job is performed.

In the event, you require John Dale Motors Pty Ltd to liaise with third parties (such as providing information to an auto-electrician). We can perform this.

The average repair is completed anywhere from half a day to five days.

Upon completion of the repair, our mechanics will discuss the work with the client. Our mechanics may take photography of the repair. The client will be provided with an itemised invoice of the work completed.

State of the art diagnostic tools

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd has a modern workshop. We invest in ourselves and our clients by using professional diagnostic tools and providing professional development for our technicians.

These tools allow us to perform individual tests relating to –

  • Engines
  • Anti Lock brakes
  • Body control modules (windows, central locking, etc)
  • Instrument panel cluster (dashboard, speedometer, etc)
  • Suspension Electronic Stability Control
  • Transmission
  • Airbags
  • Air conditioning
  • Driver & passenger door modules


Snap-on Diagnostic Center

We use Snap-On diagnostic tools to connect directly to the computer of your vehicle.

We enter the make, model and year of the car.

This tool provides a full diagnostic scan, and will display information such as:

  • Vehicle error codes (i.e. Cylinder 1 Misfire detected)
  • Technical Service Bulletins (info released from a manufacturer)
  • Emissions
  • Live data
  • Testing if parts have failed
  • Testing new parts are working correctly

G Scanner

The G-Scan 2 is a multifunction scan tool kit for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles. Our Snap-On tool is not compatible with every single vehicle, so we use a G-Scanner too

Diagnostic tools allow us to verify problems, verify repairs and record an accurate repair history of the respective vehicle. Combined with our expert customer support means that your vehicle is in good hands with John Dale Motors Pty Ltd.

JDM P/L provides expert mechanical repairs

  • Our technicians average over 30 years of experience each
  • We have been in business for over 60 years
  • We pride ourselves on honest, professional service
  • We have a modern, clean workshop
  • Pet & kid friendly

Please phone us on (02) 4392 1327 or use our contact page for any enquiries you may have.