Diesel Engine Specialist – Air Intakes

As a Diesel Engine Specialist we know truck and vehicle owners are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the performance of their rigs. These days there are lots of choices between components that help make their engines work and perform better under load with an increase in power. Whether you have already been performing power enhancing alterations to your truck , a high performance air intake may be something you’ve thought about introducing into the power generation system.  Here are some of those available.

The Quadzilla

Quadzilla intakes are among those favored by many owners of diesel engines.  And when you spot one, you’ll immediately recognise a Quadzilla air intake as you cruise the open road. Air intakes by Quadzilla are created from steel with a wrinkled powder black powder coating. Quadzilla is considered over other brands because the green woven cotton filter wears away at a slower rate, and the filtering is better. Quadzilla only uses 2 layers, not the seven some others use, which in-turn means greater airflow.

With the Quadzilla intake you might see up to a reasonable increase of up to 35 horsepower. Would this be something you would be tempted to have your diesel engines repair specialist install for you? Many trucks around the world display a Quadzilla as an essential part of their rig.  The cost to owners for carrying large freight can be balanced out a lot better with some essential fuel saving modifications.

The Trueflow by AFE

The AFE Trueflow is the next air intake you may want to look up. If changing the filter is a tedious task for you , a  AFE Trueflow may change that forever. This little gem of a air intake filter has 5 cotton gauze layers with 2 non-woven levels made from a synthetic material. The other thing to be gained from using a AFE Trueflow is the extended period of in-service use you’ll get. The AFE Trueflow created with the Chevy Duramax, Dodge Cummins, or Ford Powerstroke in mind.  These well known rigs endure heavy workloads and need every edge in performance they can get. Surely an air intake worth considering also.

The Banks Air Intakes

But when we speak of air intakes for diesel engines, the Banks brand is one of the finest. Banks created a range of intakes that make your engine perform to it’s best ability. By getting the balance between airflow and diesel fuel injection down to a fine art, the temperature of the motor, it’s endurance to workload means better fuel consumption coupled leading to improved performance overall. When aligned with the right power chips, you’ll have a mix to handle whatever loads you haul.

The Bully Dog

Bully Dog is a dependable choice when you are chasing performance from an air intake for your engine. Their “cold air intakes” produce higher oxygen levels and increase power to the engine in any rig, all of the time. While Bully dog overall is recognised as belonging to anything with the word diesel attached (even propane), there’s a trust level accompanying the brand. If it’s more grunt you’re after, then a Bully dog air intake is what many use to accomplish that. One of the best things the Bully Dog is known for is it’s competitive and uniform prices.  You can achieve better performance at a consistent cost.

Performance of diesel engines can definitely be improved with the correct air intake so consult your diesel engines repair specialist before making your final choice.