Central Coast Mechanic

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd was established during the 1950s by John Dale. We proudly provide mechanic services to the Central Coast region.

JDM P/L was originally located on Main Road, Gorokan. In 2003, John Dale retired and sold the business to Megan and Adam Walters, Adam was a staff member of JDM for three years before purchasing it.

Megan and Adam sold their house to acquire JDM Pty Ltd and lived at the workshop premises for 3.5 years.

In 2006, the workshop was relocated to the lower end of Botham Close, and we were there for four years. We relocated once more to our current address, 4 Botham Cl, Charmhaven NSW 2263 and have been here for over eight years.

We are proud of our history and have grown tremendously over this time. We appreciate the opportunity to create a positive impact on road safety and car performance in the region.

You can learn more about John Dale and our history on our About page.

We have experienced technicians

The majority of our Central Coast clients are from Charmhaven, Lake Haven, Toukley, Noraville, Norah Head, Blue Haven, San Remo, Woongarra, Wadalba, Warnervale, Hamlyn Terrace, Jilliby and Wyee.

We estimate that we help perform up to 3,000 individual jobs per year.

Our staff possess a wealth of experience in the automotive industry. We have four mechanics on site. Our senior mechanic has over 43 years experience, with the remaining staff having between 16 and 30 years experience.

We price our services on hourly rate + parts, we do not use fixed-price servicing. As an example, it’s unfair that someone with a small four-cylinder car should have to pay the same price as a brand new car that requires a higher grade of oil.

The perfect outcome is that clients leave with full knowledge and understanding of what we’ve done to their car. We want our clients to feel they received value and leave without any concerns about their vehicle.


The following are the core services we offer as a proven Central Coast Mechanic:

Car Service

Every six months or 10,000km your car may be due for a standard or major service.

An itemised list of the work performed will be provided to the client.

If we discover other mechanical problems we will contact you before proceeding with additional repairs.

We perform items listed in the logbook and this will be signed by our licensed technicians.

Learn more about our car servicing here.



Brakes use friction to decelerate a vehicle and correct maintenance is essential for road safety.

Moving wheels possess kinetic energy which is transferred into heat from the friction of the brakes.

When braking the weight of the vehicle is transferred to the front, the front brakes perform the majority of the load and typically wear out more often than the rear.

We are capable of working with drum brakes, disc brakes, calipers, rotor machining & more.

Learn more about our brake services here.

Electronic Suspension Tests

We use a diagnostic tool referred to as a safe-t-stop.

This apparatus produces computer readings of suspension, brakes, wheel alignment toe status.

We provide a report that displays the sideways drag value (the degree to which the wheels move the car horizontally).

Fixing these issues leads to a safer car, better fuel economy and less wear and tear on tyres.

Learn how we test suspension.

Safety Checks

The most common safety check we perform is pink slips.

Pink slips or e-Safety checks confirm your vehicle is safe and permitted for use on Australian roads.

An annual E-Safety inspection is required to re-register your vehicle.

We can also perform Authorised unregistered vehicle inspections (blue slips), brown slips, defect clearances, gas registration, adjust vehicle records and update the RMS portal online.

Learn more about our safety checks here.


We also offer the following specialised services:

Diesel Repairs


Diesel fuel is lower in volatility, evaporability & flammability than petroleum.

Diesel engines do not use traditional spark plugs and work primarily through combustion referred to as direct injection.

Higher compression ratios and higher energy in diesel fuel itself make diesel engines suitable for heavy vehicles and economy driving.

Our diesel engine repairs are comprehensive and we will optimise the intake, compression and exhaust.

Tappet Adjustments


Tappets are responsible for the linear motion of a valve and camshaft in a combustion engine.

Over time, tappets wear away and this creates space and added movement in the mechanism.

This can also cause a car to run out of time, run rich, run lean or cause carbon build up in the engine manifold.

We re-adjust these so they do not stay open too long or shut too quickly.

Tappet adjustments are usually performed on some diesel vehicles every 30,000 to 40,000 km, depending on what is stipulated in the manufacturer’s logbook.

Lift Kits

Lift kits are used to raise the ride-height of a vehicle and are predominantly used on 4WDs to increase clearance & flexibility.

We will check the related components (such as ball joints, cv joints, cv boots, control arms) are in good condition.

We remove the old springs and refit a lift kit to achieve the desired result.

Afterwards, we complete an electronic suspension test and speedometer for quality assurance.

Timing Chains


Timing chains are located between the camshaft (upper of the engine) and the crankshaft (lower part of the engine), they are responsible for synchronising the two.

The symptoms of a worn timing chain are engine rattling, unresponsive acceleration or failing to start.

We replace the timing gears, chain and guides.

We perform quality assurance testing.

We then test drive the vehicle to ensure it is safe and fully operational.

Learn more about our timing chain replacements.


Please view our services page for a comprehensive list of the mechanical services we offer.

Our Accreditation

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd possesses a Motor Vehicle Repairs License. Our MVRL number is MVRL39537.

The MVRL binds us to Australian Consumer Law and sets our record-keeping, code of conduct and other obligations as a practising mechanical workshop.

You are welcome to confirm our MVRL on the Service NSW Online Portal.

We are an Authorised Inspection Station with the Roads & Maritime Services. You may confirm our membership using the NSW RMS Online Portal.

By choice, we are also a member of the Motor Traders Association of New South Wales. You can view our membership page using the MTA NSW Find a Member System.

Our workshop is a qualified Air-Conditioning repair centre through Arktick (JDM P/L AU28344).

Our Education

All four of our mechanics are qualified and possess an array of certifications.

Our mechanics are all Light Vehicle Service Technicians which is acquired through TAFE coursework.

All mechanics are Authorised Inspectors for the Roads & Maritime Services.

Adam Walters is licensed to perform gas work. Adam Walters is also qualified to perform Air Conditioning repairs, he gained his certification through Arctick,

Adam is an Authorised Inspector for Heavy & Unregistered Vehicles through the RMS. Adam is also a front-end brake specialist.

Brian is a licensed radiator repairer and completed his mechanical training at Glendale TAFE.

All staff complete ongoing first-aid training and are proficient using the defibrillator here at our Charmhaven workshop.

We support our mechanics by providing regular professional development (such as Blue-Slip courses) and administrative support from our Service Advisors.

We give back to the Central Coast

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd has been in business for over sixty years. We have succeeded from the support of local clients, we try to give back by:

  • Contributions to Central Coast Kids In Need http://cckin.com.au/
  • Supporters of Melanoma Australia
  • Christmas Coles/Woolworths gift cards donations to the Salvation Army

Ready to work with John Dale Motors Pty Ltd?

We pride ourselves on our ethics and morals when helping our clients from the Central Coast.

Your vehicle safety and performance is our number one concern. We offer a high level of service to our clients.

We validate all our repairs and never perform tasks that are unnecessary. This is a core value of JDM and we uphold our staff to these standards.

  • We have years of experience
  • Our workshop is modern
  • We’re thorough and honest
  • We offer clarity in our services
  • We are fully licensed and insured

Please use our contact page to get in touch or call (02) 4392 1327.