Car Logbook Servicing at JDM P/L

John Dale Motors Ptd Ltd provides professional mechanical services and maintenance. Our workshop is located at 4 Botham Cl, Charmhaven. We work for clientele throughout the Central Coast and NSW.

We service most light vehicle types, namely:

  • Cars (including new cars without voiding manufacturer warranty)
  • 4WDs
  • Trailers
  • Light trucks
  • Motorhomes and
  • Caravans

We strive to make your car reliable, safe and high-performing. Our senior mechanics possess over thirty years in the industry on average each. All work is carried out in a professional manner using the highest quality consumables.

local mechanics performing servicing on an engine with a snap on testing tool


Standard vehicle service

For a standard car service, the following items are performed:

  • Test drive
  • Safe T Stop
  • Engine flush on engines
  • Diesel or petrol fuel additive on applicable engines
  • Relevant parts of the vehicle lubricated
  • Wheels removed and brakes inspected. If needed, the tyres are balanced & rotated.
  • After an engine flush is done,  drain & replace the engine oil with specific professional-grade oil
  • Windscreen is cleaned
  • Automatic fluid is checked if applicable
  • All tyre pressures are checked
  • Tyre tread & brake wear is checked & documented
  • Battery load tested
  • Coolant glycol checked
  • Brake fluid is checked for moisture
  • Lights & horn are checked for operation
  • Exhaust system checked for leaks
  • All suspension & steering components checked
  • Operation of all seatbelts
  • Operation of handbrake
  • Body condition
  • Check the fan belts
  • New oil filter with new sump plug washer
  • All applicable reservoirs are checked & topped up
  • Washer fluid is replenished
  • Wiper blades are checked


Phone us on (02) 4392 1327 or use our book online page and we will schedule you in. The typical lead time is usually no more than 5 business days.

We have one courtesy car which is available, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The majority of the time, the servicing will be completed on the same day you have it booked in with us.

In the event we discover any vehicle repairs you may need, a Service Advisor will ring you with any additional maintenance & repairs required, the details, options and possible re-booking.

No additional work will be performed without client consent.

Car service process

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd mechanics firstly test drive the vehicle.

Afterwards, we place the vehicle on an electronic steering & suspension testing apparatus referred to as a “Safe-T-Stop”. The Safe-T-Stop provides digital readings of the brakes, handbrake, breaking balance and wheel alignment/toe status.

Everything in the logbook will be performed and signed off by a licensed technician to validate your warranty, provided that the service is done to the manufacturer’s requirements.

On the collection of your car, the Service Advisor may show you photos of the issues or repairs that have been carried out or recommend to do.

The Service Advisor will explain everything verbally & if any repair or issue is not understood, we will endeavour to explain it to you in a manner that is not overwhelmingly technical, which may include videos of the repairs.

We provide your old parts at the time of pickup if you so desire to see them & we dispose of these for you.


Car Servicing FAQ

How often should I get my car serviced?

Ideally, this information will be in your logbook.

As a rule of thumb, every six months or 10,000s kilometres.

How much is the average car service?

Approximately $300-$350 AUD for an average family-sized sedan. However, this price can vary greatly depending on the individual vehicle log book requirements or if it is a 4WD.

How much is the average major service?

It varies a lot. For an exact price, you are best to give us a call for a firm estimate

Can you provide logbook servicing for new cars without voiding the warranty?


What happens if you find other problems with the vehicle?

Put simply, we treat you & your families safety as the highest priority.

With this in mind, we will phone the client and provide with an itemised list of the issues found, along with an itemised quote.

We help the client make sense of the order of priority they should have items fixed. For example, we may say “Your brake pads are worn out, for safety, it is essential that they are replaced, we’ve also found other mechanical errors that are not essential to fix today”.

A core value of John Dale Motors Pty Ltd is to be completely transparent and ethical about our servicing and we will never upsell services to a clients vehicle that does not genuinely require it.

Engine servicing video