Brake Servicing

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd performs professional brake services for all types of brakes and models of cars. This includes heavy vehicle work, which is predominantly drum brakes.

Moving wheels are using kinetic energy, which is transferred into heat energy from the friction of pressure of the pads and rotors and/or shoes and drums.

To increase road safety, brakes should be maintained to the highest standard.

Our team member Adam Walters is a certified front-end brake specialist.

Symptoms of brakes that require servicing

  • Spongy or soft feeling brake pedal
  • Squealing or shuddering
  • Car angles to one side when the steering wheel is neutral
  • Brake light warning light illuminating
  • Squealing noises

How much is the average brake service?

The average brake service is between $230 – $500 AUD.

Of course, could vary dramatically and clients will be provided with an individual quote.

The price would mainly vary on the following factors:

  • If both the front + rear require work
  • If rotor machining is required
  • What parts + other services are utilised

We recommend Bendix pads, which are well known for quality in the mechanical industry, these are between $100 – $160 for a pair of pads alone. There are cheaper alternatives, however, Bendix is our recommendation.

When you should service your brakes

If a vehicle is regularly maintained, you should have a good indication of when your brakes are due.

When we service a car, we let our clients know how many millimetres are left on the brake pads and advise accordingly.

As an example, if there is just over 3mm left, we may advise the client to return in three months so we can recheck them.

There are a lot of variables, with driving style being the most significant.

Brake services

Brake hose

A brake hose is a line that facilitates fluid between the reservoir and the caliper on each wheel.

When a hose is split or damaged, a car may lose its ability to apply pressure through the pads.

We provide brake hose repair services.

We can obtain direct replacements and we also have the ability to have custom hoses made.

Pad replacement

Brake pads are the material located inside the caliper, pads form the medium between the rotor and the hydraulic pressure of the caliper.

We pull apart the brake system, replace pads, clean the slides, place thread lock on the bolts and possibly machine the rotors.

The finish is a brake system that operates smoothly and provides optimal stopping force.

Learn about our brake pad replacement services.

Master cylinder

The master cylinder controls the fluid going to each wheel.

The master cylinder houses brake fluid, when you apply the brakes, the fluid is pushed through to the caliper/slave cylinder.

The majority of the time, these are replaced with a new master cylinder.

We remove the old one, fit the new one and re-bleed the brake system using fresh brake fluid.

In the event it can be repaired, we will remove the master cylinder, dismantle it and service it as necessary.

Rotor machining

If you visit us for pad replacement, we advise your rotors to undergo machining.

Rotors can develop hot spots, which are score marks from heat. This creates physical lines in your discs and this irregularity can cause vibration or pedal pulsation.

This is a task we perform in-house.

Machining rotors allow for better braking performance and reduce noises/squealing and shudder.

Learn more about our rotor machining services.

Slave cylinder


The slave cylinder/caliper accepts pressure from the master cylinder and expands the internal pistons and applies pressure to the brake linings.

We remove the old unit, fit the new unit and re-bleed the brake system using fresh brake fluid.


For a comprehensive list of the brake services we offer, please see the list below:

  • Brake hose
  • Brake lights
  • Brake lines
  • Calipers
  • Drum brakes
  • Hand brake cable
  • Master cylinder
  • Pad replacement
  • Rotor machining
  • Rotor replacement
  • Shudder issues
  • System flush
  • Wheel cylinder

Brake check process

Please call us on (02) 4392 1327 or use our book online page.

When a car requires any brake servicing, firstly we remove the wheels and measure the rotors and remaining brake pad.


Brake rotors and pads have a minimum thickness rating, once they are worn to the minimum thickness, they are considered worn-out and should be replaced.

In the event the rotors are in reasonable condition, they can be machined, we will perform the machining at our workshop.


We clean and lubricate all components as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our most common brake services are pad replacement and rotor machining.

John Dale Motors Pty Ltd will only perform what is necessary. For example, if your front pads are worn however your rear still have 8mm on them, we will only replace the front.

In the event we discover any additional work, we will phone you to discuss your options. No additional work will be performed without customer consent.

When you collect your car, our mechanics may show you pictures of what has been performed – especially for areas that require the wheels to be removed for servicing. We pride ourselves on our honesty and educating our clients.

Clients are provided with an itemised invoice of the work performed.


Brake systems video