A Brake Service Keeps You Safe

When it comes to vehicle security, a brake service tops the list of  things that need to be on your to do” list.  Nonetheless, many are unaware or lack the knowledge of the indicators that suggest there might be a problem.

You can look online to learn a few of the warning signs from websites that are known for helping with auto maintenance, but there is no better means than to take your vehicle to a qualified brake technician and have them perform a brake service.

At least, for both pre-owned and brand-new cars, you must have your motor vehicle’s braking system checked at least once a year. This must consist of a thorough evaluation of brake lining wear, brake fluid condition, rotor thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, brake and dash caution lights, as well as taking the vehicle for a test drive to find other potential brake system issues. Your annual e-safety check is not the same as a brake service.

Keeping your car in optimum condition is so essential. Whether it is extremely old, used or new you could be thinking of trading up or getting a more recent model with the latest safety features. Free appraisals are also readily available to have secondhand cars priced nationwide. The better condition your car is in the more you attract possible buyers and get it sold quicker.

Vigilance is needed to alert yourself to warning signs and to recognise the risk signs and threat indicators of brake troubles in your vehicle. Warning signs might include an illuminated brake warning light, brake pedal feeling low or “soft”, vibration, hard pedal feel and squealing noises. Of course, the only way you can be really sure is to having a brake service at a licensed workshop such as John Dale Motors.

Any out of the ordinary noise is frequently a sign that brakes have been used to the point they should be examined. So if you hear a a grinding noise, if your brakes throw off brake dust onto your wheels you’ll find small metal flakes on the wheels. This is a clear sign that brakes should be examined. Keep in mind, whether its brand new or a used car, a brake service once a year ensures you of a much safer drive.