Air Conditioning Re Gassing

JDM P/L performs re-gassing for all vehicle types. We are proficient with both older and newer air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning systems run off the engine fan belt. By using an air conditioning system, the engine works a little harder, but not enough to jeopardise fuel efficiency.

On average, cool air conditioning runs 12 degrees below ambient temperature. If you feel that your A/C is not blowing as cold as it used to, then it’s probably time for a re-gassing.

How much does regassing cost?

At the time of writing, an Air Con regas would cost $176 inc GST plus the cost of a cabin filter to suit your vehicle. The price would rise for larger vehicles requiring more gas.

Steps involved to do air-con regassing

If you require this service, please call us or use our book online page to schedule yourself in.

The service takes us approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

The steps involved are

  • By using fluorescent dye in the A/C system, this allows us to see leaking dye by using ultraviolet light with yellow glasses. Using this method, we visually assess the system to see if there are any leaks visible to the eye
  • Perform a vacuum test with our WAECO Air-Conditioning Service Machine. This removes the gas and oil from the system and provides us with diagnostic information and indicates if something requires repair or replacement
  • Place gas (approx 650grams for the average vehicle) and oil back into the system
  • Re-check for leaks
  • Replace cabin filter (where applicable

What happens if I don’t have my A/C regassed for a long time?

If there is no gas in the system, or the driver never uses their air conditioning, this can lead to problems that could be avoided.

The idea of the oil in the system, is to lubricate the seals and pipes. If these are not lubricated, over time, this will perish the rubber seals and cause corrosion in the alloy pipes.

Additionally, there is a chance of the pump “locking up”, which puts extra pressure on the fan belt, and possibly breaking either part.

It’s in the driver’s interest to have their A/C maintained and re-gassed to a reasonable degree, to prevent further repairs. Also, cars with broken A/C systems are very difficult to re-sell.

How often should I get re-gassing done?

Approximately every 12-18 months.

What happens if JDM P/L find complex auto-electrical faults?

We would do our best to rectify this problem in-house.

If the repair is outside our scope of work, we have an on-call auto electrician that can be of service.

As with all our repairs, we would phone our customer and seek approval before proceeding with any work.

What can you tell me about the refrigerant and lubricant that you use?

We use R134A gas which is approved under Australian standards, who are set by ARC.

The lubricant we use is Universal PAG (PAOISO68).


A/C re-gassing explained